A Collection of Examples of Goralski Style Little Log Houses To Inspire...  Built in the Traditional Style by Polish & Slovak Goral craftsmen.

Every Log House is Unique... & can be designed to suit Individual Needs...  Please feel free to Contact us to discuss your Ideas & Requirements.

~ Little Log House Design 1 ~

Gate Lodge Style

Design 1A - Gate Lodge Style incorporating Front Overhang Entrance & Balcony

~ Examples of Interior Details ~

    Design 1B ~ Gate Lodge Style with Extended Roof & Balcony Detail

Design 1C ~ Gate Lodge Style with Side Entrance & Roof Overhang

Design 1D ~ Gate Lodge Style With Front Overhang & Side Entrance


           ~ Little Log House Design 2 ~  Hermit's Cottage Style                             ~ Little Log House Design 3 ~  Eye Brow Cottage Style


~ Little Log House Design 4 ~

An Example of a Little Thatched Garden Log Studio from the United States To Inspire ...


~ Little Log House Design 5 ~

Sunset Lodge Style

Interior Examples...


~ Little Log House Design 6 ~

Carpenter's Cottage Style


~ Little Log House Design 7 ~

Solitude Cottage Style


Little log House ~ Design 8 ~

"Pine Tree Cottage"